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Why Talana Limousins?

Vision and Experience
We know limousin cattle inside out.  We know their strengths and we know their weaknesses and have worked tirelessly since 1993 to turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Here is a snapshot of what we think we have achieved with our cattle:

  1. We have improved docility to the point that we can offer docility guarantees on progeny (see how we have done it on the "About Docility" page)
  2. We have struck the right balance of natural muscle and external fat cover for a wide variety of commercial cow bases, from indicus to british and even euro.
  3. We have improved the maternal production and focundity of our females by running and selecting them on a commercial basis and also by making positive and informed breeding decisions. 
  4. We have recently introduced the best of poll French-Pure bloodlines into our herd.

Quality and Integrity
Breeding high quality cattle is only part of our service.  We also back them 100% and on the rare occasion that there is a problem with an animal we are always there to help. 

The Talana herd is an open book and we readily impart any knowledge that we may have to anyone that asks.  We also regularly host open days, breeder days and workshops. 
Workshop 2010 1
Workshop 2010 2
Workshop 2010 3